"Penrose tiling" box

Penrose tiling box

This puzzle consists of three tasks to be completed sequentially in order to complete the puzzle.

First task:
Top cover of the box has a puzzle with intersecting circles.
You need to rearrange the picture by turning circles and mixing up the details.
After that, you will need to restore the pattern in the form of a Penrose tiling.

Picture below shows how puzzle looks after this task is solved:
Figure 1

Once you solve it, you will be able to open the inner lock, which is the first step to open the box.

Second task:
Open the box.

Third task:
There will be 13 pieces of Penrose tiling elements in the main compartment of the box. Additionally, there will be one more detail. Your task is to put all 14 parts in the main compartment of the box.

Tips (please scan the QR code or click on it):

1. If while solving task one you cannot restore the original pattern on the puzzle located on the cover of the box.

2. If the first lock does not work when opening or closing the box.

3. If you can't put all 14 items in the box.

Solutions (please scan the QR code or click on it):
First task.

Third task.